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WhatsApp Business is a free app that was developed in order to respond to the needs of companies, and it’s available for Android and iPhone. This app facilitates communication between companies and customers, providing tools to automate, classify and automatically respond to messages.

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How to use WhatsApp in a Digital Marketing strategy?

As we already know, in the original WhatsApp we were only allowed to send photographs or video in each selected conversation, thus sharing information and the company’s contents to the customer was more complicated.

As such, WhatsApp Business was created, with the aim to help companies implement more advanced marketing strategies in order to increase sales and implement effective automation that is easy to put into practice.

The first step in developing strategies is to know very well the profile of the customers of the business and align the communication with the needs of these customers.

How to sell through WhatsApp?

After noticing that several companies used WhatsApp for professional purposes, the instant messaging app decided to launch a business-oriented version, with the implementation of some specific features such as quick responses, business profiles, automatic messages, and tags.

WhatsApp also has the functionality to accept payments through WhatsApp Pay, following a partnership between the Visa network and the Facebook Pay platform. This new feature allows both personal and professional account users to make transfers and payments to each other, as well as send or receive money from each other via the app.

10 tips to increase sales through WhatsApp

  1. Use broadcast lists and not groups.. With this feature, it is possible to send bulk messages to up to 256 different contacts.
  2. Create a message schedule. As with all businesses, you will have customers at different stages of the customer journey, and, as such, each will need a specific approach in order to help customers get closer to the completion of the purchasing process (read this article to understand and master the customer journey)
  3. Offer relevant content. After creating the broadcast list, send relevant content that sparks interest, from audio and texts, videos, or even a summary of the latest posts on your blog.
  4. Use WhatsApp to provide great customers service. There are many customers who prefer to send messages than spend hours waiting to be answered by phone. Therefore, take the opportunity to solve problems and answer any questions that may exist.
  5. Build your audience through Facebook and Instagram. Why not use these powerful platforms and use them to your advantage? Put your WhatsApp contact number on your profile. This way, it gets more noticeable and easier to contact you on WhatsApp. (You may be interested in this quick guide to selling on Instagram)
  6. Bet on the catalog feature. This tool allows customers to see the products available in your store, along with the price. In this way, the sales process becomes faster and more dynamic.
  7. Share promotions and content with your customers. Use your broadcast lists to send content directly to your customers through this platform, also transforming it into a digital marketing channel for your business.
  8. Pay attention to the response time. Response time is measured as the interval between the first message sent by the customer to your first response. Make sure to configure your automatic messages, paying particular attention to the welcome messages and also the business hours in which they are available.
  9. Create QR Codes with invitations. If you have a business that produces graphic stuff, consider creating a QR code and posting its link on WhatsApp.
  10. Organize your conversations by tags. With the tag feature, you can easily organize your conversations and messages. You can create labels with different names or colors and add them to conversations, groups, or messages within a conversation.

The Importance of Automation for WhatsApp Business

Automation makes WhatsApp very practical and easy to use. Considering the fact that companies usually have a lot of contacts they must communicate with, it would be extremely complicated to send, for example, a personalized image to each of the customers. As such, the broadcast list was created, a feature that allows you to optimize your time and send a single message to several people simultaneously.

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In practical terms, it works as follows: add customer numbers and send a message as if it were a group conversation on WhatsApp. However, customers will receive an individual message, which seems to be designed according to their objectives and needs.

It is important to note that messages are only sent to customers who are already in your contact list. However, if you are interested in increasing your number of contacts, you can always disclose it in your email signature or install a plug-in on your website so that the user is taken immediately to your company number.

Why Creating a Customer Database Can Increase Your Sales?

How to promote your payment links?

  • Make a unique promotion for the first 5 customers of the week and create a payment link with only 5 products.
  • Make a 24-hour flash promotion only.
  • Build kits for specific products and link a limited amount of those kits. Send it to your most loyal customers, and present this offer as exclusive to the company’s oldest customers.

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