Email campaigns – the strategy to recover abandoned carts

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A common strategy used when you have e-commerce is to follow the user throughout the sales funnel process. In this strategy, we bring email marketing to ensure that the most forgetful users or those who have lost interest are reminded that we still exist and that we continue waiting for them to complete the purchase.

In this article, you will read about

Email Marketing to recover 10% of carts​

An email sent to a customer who added something to their cart but didn’t complete the sale can save and lower their drop-off rate!This email is a follow-up message sent to someone who leaves your website without purchasing the products they added to their shopping cart. These “abandoned cart” emails can recover about 10% of lost revenue.

You might be thinking: “But what a hassle to email all users who ended up not finalizing the purchase! I have more stuff to do!”

Dear reader – THESE PROCESSES ARE ALREADY AUTOMATED! You just need to configure that the email goes out automatically and retrieves the profitthat otherwise would have disappeared.

If you’re still not convinced, just look at the numbers (they won’t lie)

  • 45% of all cart abandonment emails are opened
  • 21% of all cart abandon emails are clicked
  • 50% of those clicks lead to a recalled purchase on the website

In other words, out of 100 people who receive an email from you – 45 open, 21 click, and 11 complete the purchase! We are not math experts at all, however, 11 seems to be higher than 0! (Source: Moosend)

Why users abandon my shopping cart?

We’ve already gone into more detail about this phenomenon in this article about 6 reasons and solutions to recover abandoned carts, but still, we’ll leave a short summary here:

  • Distractions
  • They forgot
  • Price or shipping costs
  • Website and navigation problems
  • Complex checkout process
  • Return or exchange policies
  • “I’m just watching”

How will I recover them? Email campaigns for non-abandonment!

Distraction and online shopping go hand in hand! There is so much stimulation online, so many links, so many images, so many banners, so much advertising, so much competition that easily those who browse your website can abandon the purchase halfway through.

This is where the abandoned cart emails come in, reminding your customers of the products they left behind and the incentives to return to complete the purchase.

When you contact these customers again, remember to keep things very simple:

  • Company name: let them know who is contacting them
  • Customer name: email personalization can help you get more mail openings
  • Friendly tone: imagine that you are selling to your best friend
  • Product name or details: what exactly did they leave in the cart?
  • Urgency: last-minute promotion for example
  • Simplicity: because the decision to open your email is made in seconds

6 examples of subjects you can use in your email marketing:

  1. *Customer name*, we saved your cart 🤙
  2. Customer name”, did you forget to finish? 😱
  3. We’re ready if you’re ready.
  4. Let me teleport you back to your cart. Free of charge Free of charge. 🙂
  5. Your new electric toothbrush is waiting (with a free recharge).
  6. *Customer name*, we miss you – don’t leave your cart ❤️

What do these subjects have in common? They are not demanding anything from the customer.. They’re just checking in.

5 techniques to make your email campaigns more effective:

  1. Faz aos teus clientes uma pergunta que desperte a curiosidade, como Ask your customer a question that piques their curiosity, such as “Did you forget something?” or “Are you still thinking about it?”
  2. Offer your customer an incentive (eg percentage discount or free shipping)
  3. Provide the link directly to the cart they left (learn how to generate custom links for your digital catalogues)
  4. Let your customers know there is a limited time
  5. Place a highlighted call-to-action button to motivate customers to complete the checkout process

The other 6 Email Campaigns Automations

All e-commerce entrepreneurs work with the objective of increasing their online sales. One of the main factors contributing to this ultimate goal is effective communications. There is no doubt that the navigation and user experience on the website must work at their best. However, keeping in regular contact with your customers, even when they are not buying, generates intangible values for your company’s growth.

You should then take into account the following automation:

  1. Welcome emails
  2. Post-Purchase Follow-up
  3. Re-Engagement Emails
  4. Upsell offers
  5. Important milestone emails
  6. Relevant updates

If you own an online store, email marketing is something that should already be integrated with your system. Emails are so crucial that they influence your online sales drastically. Easy to set up and vital when selling to the end consumer, given the high abandonment rate of the shopping cart. 

If you think it’s still too complex, don’t forget that there are tools to help you automate some tasks for your email campaigns:

The budget is free

No compromises! Boy scout word.

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