The Importance of Leads to Increase Online Sales

In an increasingly digital world – sales have also evolved, and digital sales processes are fundamental to the growth and sustainability of any company.

Naturally, there are several types of sales and processes for them to take place. In this article, we will explore digital sales and what strategies you can apply in your company to increase sales.

In a digital sales process, it is important that the sales funnel has the ability to generate leads.

What are leads?​

Lead is defined as a contact request made by the customer who wants to know more about the service. These leads can be further defined as Cold Leads or Hot Leads. For example:

  • Cold Lead – a subscription to a newsletter
  • Hot Lead – a request for a quote for a service

How to generate more leads?

So it is important to have a lead generation strategy on an ongoing basis, and the challenge that many companies face is, how to generate leads? In this case, there are two main strategies:

  • Strategy 1 – Formulate a marketing plan based on customer conversion. Thus, placing several conversion spots (also known as CTA) and maximizing your visibility through digital marketing, for example on Google Ads.
  • Strategy 2 – Trust a company or software that works with you to increase your results.

So imagine right now we are the company that has implemented the leads strategy, and we are starting to generate contacts, we can even identify which are the hot leads and the cold leads. Now comes the part that matters most – how to convert?

How can I convert leads?

The conversion of leads has a lot to say because each company has its own sales method and the method itself is based on your need to generate cash flow. So let’s focus on just a few selling methods that work for different companies.

  1. Adapting the speech: being aware of customers’ needs even before they contact you and adapting the speech according to the customer’s needs. This can be particularly challenging for companies with a large portfolio of services. Hence, it is necessary to work properly on lead generation.
  2. Show the benefits: explain the main advantages and be prepared for comparisons with competitors. Studying competitors and potential customers is always a great way to leverage the sales pitch.
  3. Follow up: after all this, always ask for feedback in order to see if the proposal is engaging. This will make the customer feel more special and with the feeling of having your entire attention.

When you have an optimized process, the key is to maximize your time and your team’s time. So, you should start thinking about marketing automation.

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Automation to improve marketing strategy

Marketing automation consists of creating a set of actions that will trigger messages in order to have a conversation with the customer – usually associated with email marketing. However, it is common now to use several tools, which allow creating automation for sending SMS according to the user’s behavior.

One of the main functions of marketing automation is to nurture leads in a way that “warms them up”, meaning that leads go from being cold to becoming hot through targeted content. For this, automation is a must-have in order to make things easier. For example, customers who have received newsletters will start receiving more content that makes sense to them – the automation is usually created in an email marketing software (for example,

This automation will allow you to optimize your time, your team’s time and improve the quality of your contacts. (Learn Why creating a customer database can increase your sales)

Sales are the oxygen of companies

In short, in a digital sales process, it is important that your funnel is optimized.For this, you should take into account the various phases of it, from generating contacts to sales. In parallel, your time and that of your team should be optimized, whether in the sales process itself, as well as in marketing automation.

Because at the end of the day, sales are the oxygen of companies – we don’t believe that there are healthy companies without sales. We all live on it.

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