4 tips to sell more through e-mail marketing

It doesn’t matter what channels you use to engage with your customers. You can’t leave email marketing out!

To prepare e-mail marketing campaigns we can deal with infinite possibilities along the way to making them effective. Each brand has its own formula, but the end goal is the same: increase conversions. You just have to find out what your formula is!

First we must think about the general structure, what content will be sent and what the call to action is, in other words, what action we want our reader to take when clicking the button.

In this article, we’ll present four basic fundamentals that lead to increased conversions and tactics to optimise your emails.

1) Create a need in the consumer

Before we can get someone to take a certain action, we need to create a desire for the product or service we are offering.

According to Adam Ferrier, author of the book The Advertising Effect Change Behaviour, the yearning for something comes from two elements: individual incentive and social norms.. In marketing terms, this feeling comes from the solution that our product or service can offer to solve the problem the consumer is facing.

Focus content on the benefits of our product or service is much more effective than talking about features or options, as it helps the consumer understand how they can improve their life with what we have to offer.

2) Motivating the consumer to take action

One way to lead the customer to take an action is through the use of images. In areas like gastronomy or even fashion, images are everything. A good photo can increase motivation of the person, turn it into a conversion and still encourage them to want your product. This becomes even more important if your business involves something very visual.

3) Reducing the potential customer's doubts

In order to foster our consumer’s desire to buy, we must reduce any anxiety and doubts they may have at the time of conversion. In marketing terms, this contemplates any feeling of discomfort or uneasiness.

Among the main causes are the concern of the how much our offer is worth, the consumer’s investment (time and money), the concern with the right choice, the doubt and insecurity.

Before we can reduce this feeling of anxiety, we must anticipate to understand what the reasons are that may lead to it and then work on reducing them.

Ways to reduce customer doubts:

  • Show testimonials from satisfied customers in email marketing campaigns, but don’t limit yourself to the statement. It includes names and photos to give veracity to what is said;
  • Create creative, personalized, and opt-out emails.Opt-out sounds dangerous, but it can be a very positive move. (In this article, you can see some subject ideas for your email campaigns)

4) Facilitate campaign conversion

One more tip to increase the chances of conversion is to show the path that leads to the buying action. The reader should understand what they need to do as simply as possible, without having to stop and figure it out. Making it easy to access increases conversions.

  • Use call to action (CTA) buttons that stand out from the rest of the email marketing campaign content, both in size (larger in proportion) and in color (in contrast to the other elements).
  • Avoid distracting elements. It gives preference to a leaner design without excessive images to ensure that the reader’s attention is not drawn away from what really matters. Simplicity can make the CTA stand out.

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Important issues for an email campaign

Remember to answer 3 questions before completing the message that will be sent:

  • Do you motivate your reader to take an action?
  • Do you reduce doubts and insecurities?
  • Is the campaign easy to understand?

If the answer is positive for all questions, then you are ready to start shipping. If there is a ‘no’, rethink the strategy to ensure that email marketing campaigns bring conversions.

By showing the path that our reader’s focus should follow, we increase the chances of conversion and also reduce any doubt or anxiety they may have about the product. In this way, we will also see better results from our e-mail marketing campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns are like sending a love letter, you have to win to get a YES!

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