Public lookalike: what is it and what is it for?

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Similar audiences are a great way to reach new people who will possibly have an interest in your business, as they have similar characteristics to your best existing customers. Let’s take an in-depth look at what it is and when it’s best to use it.


What is the public lookalike?

The lookalike audience is an audience with similar interests to the existing audience. This is a great tool to reach new customers who will certainly have an interest in your business as, they are similar to your frequent customers.

In this way it is possible to find users who have similar characteristics and interests to existing consumers, which naturally leads to more effective segmentation.

What is the aim of creating a lookalike audience?

Objectively speaking, lookalikes are intended to increase reach to an audience by using people similar to the original base on which it was built.

Through audience lookalike, you can build more effective campaigns, as they will be targeting an audience very similar to the one that already consumes your products.

In practice, the purpose of this tool is quite specific:

  • improve the targeting of marketing campaigns
  • carry out more effective targeting

When the lookalike audience is built, a source audience (audience on which the lookalike audience is based) created with information gathered through the pixel, their mobile app or your page fans is chosen.

In this way, it optimises spending and reduces the cost of acquiring new customers.

5 tips you should follow to create a qualified audience

Building a qualified audience with a genuine interest in the products or services being promoted is the equivalent of having part of the process required for a successful campaign already gone through.

Below are 5 tips on how to build a qualified audience:

  1. You can choose the size of the audience during the audience creation process. Smaller audiences better represent the source audience. The bigger the public lookalike design, the greater the potential reach. However, there will certainly be a reduction in the similarities between the lookalike audience and the source audience. As a rule, a source audience of between 1000 and 50 000 people is recommended.
  2. It is important to note that it is valuable to pay attention to the quality of the source, i.e. if the source audience consists of your best customers rather than all your customers, you will certainly get better results.
  3. Use your email contacts. Why not take advantage of the contacts you already have and use them as a source audience in building your lookalike audience. This is a very interesting way of segmentation because you can choose which emails you want to use or use a list with all email contacts if you want a more generic audience. We recommend reading our article: email marketing: the advantages of creating and managing a contact list
  4. The likes on the pages are also a factor to be taken into account. The users who post likes on your page or even a competitor’s are individuals who have some kind of interest in the products or services in question. This turns out to be a great opportunity for you, as these are organic interactions that can convert into potential customers .
  5. Finally, we could not fail to mention the Facebook Pixel, as this tool allows for a monitoring user behaviourmainly on its website. This is a great way to collect data on potential opportunities.

5 questions before creating a similar audience

Creating a lookalike audience allows you to reach a “cold audience”. Unlike “hot audiences”, it allows ads to have a much greater reach in terms of the number of people. Below are some tips that should be adopted when creating lookalikes.

  1. Your similar audience will only include people from the country or countries you select during creation.
  2. Your source audience must contain at least 100 people from a single country so that we can use it as a basis for a similar audience.
  3. You can create up to 500 similar audiences from a single source audience.
  4. People from your source audience will be excluded from your lookalike audience, unless you use a pixel as your source audience.
  5. You can use several similar audiences at the same time for a single set of ads. The ad set will target your ads to people from any of the selected similar audiences.

Ready to create a lookalike audience?

Audience lookalike is a tool that can be used across different platforms and contexts in whatever way is most beneficial for you. Among the platforms on which it can be used is Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram.

If you think the process is too complicated, talk to us, we will be happy to help.

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