Why shouldn't digital marketing be free?

Technological evolution has gradually changed the way we communicate and relate to the world around us. Digital marketing is focused on advertising through digital media, that is, it uses channels such as social networks, SEO, e-mail, mobile applications, and any other kind of promotion that involves electronic devices.

Digital marketing considers all the tools at its disposal as viable ways to turn leads into profits.

In this way, brands can use a single platform or multiple platforms simultaneously according to their strategy.

Why invest in digital marketing?

The rapid evolution that we are witnessing day after day is transforming the potential and practice of marketing-related activities. Over time, companies have become more agile, data-driven, and more focused on ROI.

If you want to boost the growth of your business, then marketers are the right people to help you with this sometimes-difficult task. Marketing agencies have the necessary tools to build and execute an integrated marketing strategy, in which the needs of consumers are aligned with your company.

So, pay attention to these 9 signs that show you need help to improve your digital marketing.

9 signs that you need a digital marketing agency

  1. You don’t know your target audience.
  2. At the moment, you don’t have any kind of digital marketing strategy running.
  3. Most of your digital strategy is carried out without any planning and it’s based on improvisation.
  4. You invest a lot of money in promoting campaigns that generate little or no results.
  5. Your clients are few and always the same.
  6. Your SEO is not optimized.
  7. Your company is losing market share to the competition.
  8. Your company does not have an online presence.
  9. Your website does not convert.

Why pay for digital marketing?

Doing digital marketing may seem simple. However, it is not just about posting a picture, an advertisement on social networks, or on the company website:

  • It is much, much more profitable to make a small investment in someone qualified, who provides guidance, understands the market, and knows how to interpret results than to make an investment “blindly” without any kind of prospecting.
  • We know that there are many free digital marketing tools available. However, what is the use of having access to all these tools if we do not know how to use them to our advantage?
  • One of the pillars of marketing is to research and understand what happens around the company in question: in which market the company is focused, what is its location, its target audience, and the objectives of the company.

By implementing an effective digital marketing strategy, you will have structures and tools that will help increase your growth and profits, through a progressive and results-oriented approach.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from executing a digital marketing plan:

What are the benefits of implementing a digital marketing strategy?

  • Cost-effective: creating a sales funnel allows you to create a system for generating leads and constant sales from traffic. By creating a sales funnel, it is possible to separate buyers who never buy from real buyers.
  • Economic: One of the biggest benefits of implementing a digital marketing strategy is that it is cheaper than traditional marketing. It is extremely difficult for SMEs to compete with larger companies in terms of traditional marketing. For example, in digital marketing you can choose the budget that suits you best, you can invest from one euro in a promoted campaign to more than one thousand euros, it is up to you to choose what works for you.
  • Measurable: naturally, every time we make investments – be they small or large – we are interested in monitoring the results. It is important to understand if the amount invested is really generating results. Unlike traditional marketing, in digital marketing, it is possible to accurately track all performance indicators and even know the origin of the leads generated.
  • Enables Greater Customer Loyalty – Acquiring new customers is a much more complicated and expensive process than retaining existing customers. As a general rule, purchases on the web are mostly from repeat customers. However, for occasional visits to become recurrent customers, constant communication is necessary whether through email marketing, social media interactions, or even promotions.
  • It allows the right segmentation on the target audience: in digital marketing, it is possible to have access to tools that allow you to carry out effective market segmentation. Today, it is possible to segment the target audience of a company and bring products or services to a specific audience.
  • Allows the creation of a sales funnel: creating a sales funnel allows you to create a system to generate leads and constant sales from traffic. By creating a sales funnel, it is possible to separate the visitors who never buy from the actual buyers.

Digital marketing is extremely dynamic and flexible and it is possible to design strategies that adapt to the business and needs of any company.

If your goal is to grow your business, there is a wide range of opportunities that can and should be exploited efficiently and economically.

Get to know your audience and let yourself be known, this will certainly help build a sense of loyalty between your consumers and your products.

The budget is free

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