4 data that you can collect with your website's cookies!

What are cookies for?

You know when you enter a website and that banner appears saying, “This website uses its own and third-party cookies to provide an optimal experience. By continuing to browse, do you agree with our cookie policy”? It typically serves for companies to collect data and use it to make decisions and get to know their potential customers (if you didn’t already know … what rock were you living under?).



But did you know what actually happens? Most of that data ends up accumulated on a server unless anyone catches it! And yes, your hotel is probably one of those cases – it has an amount of data comparable to gold, and you have no idea!!



Let’s think about a hotel. For example, do you know how many of your site visitors convert to a potential client/guest? And how much is a visitor who converts worth?



Wait, wait, don’t run away now!





How to take advantage of cookies?




Know who these visitors are and be able to point out that Easter campaign when they really need to take a vacation. This kind of information is gold


Well… let’s do this!

1) Visits versus Reservations

Let’s see: how many visits are needed before a visitor makes a reservation? How many pages does he visit? Did he visit the price page first? Or will he firstly see the photos of the rooms? There it is, knowing this kind of information can help you give the future guest what he really needs. For example, why not trigger a form on the 5th visit (because yes, you will be able to know that that specific client converts his 5th visit) so that he asks for more information about booking a room. All of this, without resorting to OTA

The good old acquaintances - customers

As we talked about in our post “How to sell more through Customer Retention”there is only one thing better than attracting new customers: retaining old ones. So, if you already know that every year the Dias family, in May, goes to your website or an OTA to book those two weeks in August, why not send an SMS to let them know that you have a promotion in a family suite with a sea view? Yes, you can also convert former customers via cookies collected at the same time of the year. 🙂

Bargain hunters

Do you know the main reason why some of your potential customers turn to OTA’s, instead of booking through your website? For their ability to present very attractive prices. Do you know how serious the situation is? The bargain hunters are always alert and will book soon! (millennials called to the reception!). 


We know that these types of customers are not very profitable, but it is worth paying attention to their behavior: they will probably find your Hotel in an OTA and make the reservation right away. After making the reservation, go to your website to see more photos, events that are taking place at the Hotel, and how breakfast is. What if you, when accessing the records, already know who they are? Maybe it will be interesting to catch them next time by email saying they have a mega promotion!

Special days for everything-and-anything-else

The Christmas, the New Year, the St. Valentine’s Day, the Easter, the Carnival… the Black Friday… in short, a sea of beautiful dates that makes us want to escape to a place where we feel at home, but without having to deal with home! And this is where your Hotel shines: as your team makes good use of browser data, why not start working that data a few months before, send an email (let’s go crazy, send 2!) to whom you already know will go book a few days at that time? It’s a case in point, right?



We talked about 4, but we can talk about more if you want. Why not sit down and have a chat with us??



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