Why can creating a website increase sales in your company?

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Speaking of having a website is almost taken for granted. But the pandemic has accelerated a digital transformation of businesses that until today were not prepared for it – in fact, in just one year, we moved on which would normally have taken 10 years.

Why create a site if my company is already on social networks?

One of the major trends during 2019/2020 was the criationof websites for e-commerce or websites for digital commerce . Therefore, digital transformation is more than just going to social media. To sell, it is important to understand the advantages of having a website in addition to a Facebook or Instagram page.. In other words, try to diversify as much as possible and not put “all your eggs in one basket”. Therefore, it is important to keep your digital presence uniform and as diverse as possible.

So, we decided to list some of the advantages of having a professional website:

Reasons to create a website for your business

  • If your business is unique, why be like everyone else?: at a time when everything is digital, personalization is the secret to differentiating your brand from others. All Facebook pages are the same, but your business is not the same as everyone else.
  • Customer segmentation and monitoring is your success!: creating a website helps you segment and better understand who your customer is. With the help of Digital Marketing, you can also “track” your conversions to optimize your campaigns.
  • It’s simpler to communicate your products and your brand: normally, a website involves a domain, and a domain with your business will give you more emails. This way, you will be able to have a professional website with various types of targeted contacts. Your website will be the anchor for the information you want to pass on to your customers. ​
  • Gain visibility and monitor your customers:in an era where everything is online, it’s important to have some way to drive more potential customers to your website. That’s why we always recommend a set of strategies that can help you with this. Therefore, monitoring is essential to understand, identify and respond to what your customers are looking for.  

Is it reliable to create a free website?

Although there are options with free templates, these sites can create major headaches in the long run. Creating a secure website is an investment, but the cost is still much lower than maintaining a physical store. A website requires a maintenance cost to ensure it is up to date with what it currently does.

What types of websites and which ones should you create?

More than creating a website, you need to understand what kind of website makes sense for you… In addition to having a website, there is also a set of choices to make about it, namely which website makes sense for your business. We would like to take this opportunity to mention some examples:

Landing Page for a specific product

A landing page is a single-page website. In other words, it does not have an internal page layout (for example, a blog) and it has all the information on a single page. If you are selling a service or even a very targeted service, a website with one page only should be enough. For example, selling stand up paddleboard rental services (https://alvorpaddletours.pt/)

Website with blog

Look for a website that has room to grow, explain how it works and even create some content on a weekly basis. A website with a blog is right for you. Since it has all the features and can also create new dynamics with the user, namely content creation. For example, an association that creates content on a regular basis (https://algarve.escutismo.pt/)

E-commerce to focus on sales

Your business has several products and you want to focus on your sales. You still want to have all your digital payments and start transforming your business into an online store. For example, a corporate apparel store that sells worldwide (https://efardas.pt/)

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In short, transforming your business digital is something that makes sense to increase the number of sales. It will be a matter of better understanding what type of website makes the most sense for you. Or even start with something simpler and adapt as your business grows.

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