The Robot wears Modas SN

In this new challenge, our robot decided to put on his best suit and tie to leave a jaw opening impression to the person who decided to challenge it.

The Client

What started as a sale of clothes to friends grew up, passionately, to become a business. Today, Susana Nunes has a physical store in Soure (Modas SN) and another one, SN Kids. These achievements were not enough to stop this great businesswoman, who soon realized that if she wanted more, she would have to turn to the internet!

The national market was waiting and who better to help find potential customers than our Amplifier?

The Challenge

There are many things that can go wrong, we are talking about a market that already has a steady ground with many companies and that understands the rules of the game. The challenge was real, but below we leave a list consisting of our main concerns:

  • Sharing those customers
  • Differentiation;
  • Understand the modus operandi of this type of business;
  • What would be the most profitable strategy;

The Solution

We implement our Amplifier to collect data at maximum strength!

The fighting ring would be Facebook Ads, a platform where our Amplifier has shown time and time again how it perceives the algorithm and adapts despite the different sectors where it has already had the privilege of working. A report was generated and analyzed. Conclusion: a message campaign would be ideal, we would have tangible evidence and objectives to show how we are helping our potential client.

We could follow the traditional method of specifying a more consumerist gender for this client of ours (Female), close the minimum and maximum ages, and even by region of consumption, but that’s easy, simple and just not our style!

Amplifier whispered in our ear and said “look at that wasted data …”

In fact, the page had over 30k followers! For those that love likes … that’s a lot of likes … but for those who work with data and segmentation it is a lot of useful information, and for our Amplifier this was a gold mine.

These likes allowed our Amplifier, in partnership with the facebook pixel, to be able to cross data that would guarantee success:

  • Consumption habits x Gender
  • Device used x Day of the week x Time of day
  • Interests x Behaviors x Sector

“…Amplifier works in complete harmony with the Facebook pixel to ensure the best results.”

Digital Marketing Investment

Like we said, the platform chosen for Digital Marketing was Facebook Ads, since it is the client’s most profitable platform.

We were given a daily budget of € 2.50 to boost Modas SN’s sales. This budget, which, although modest, deserved all our dedication and professionalism, always in search of the best possible results.

After a day of active campaigns, (literally 24h) the client calls us to say that she felt overworked and that we could close the trial to start working directly with us!

The Other “Campaigns”

Why “campaigns”? Because the client more often than not would click on that naughty Facebook button that says “Promote Post”. Despite being a feature that achieves results, there is no way to measure objectives,there is no way to improve the target audience. It is basically like going up to the 10th floor of a building and shouting to all passersby about your business. Is this the best way to do digital marketing?

Taking this reality into account, we analyze what was done and take advantage of any type of data that was legitimate. Unfortunately, it is an easy way that Facebook has to make money, but it does not bring great results!

“After just 1 day of active campaigns, the client felt the total confidence in ending the trial and join the Logrise family”

"After just 1 day of active campaigns, the client felt the total confidence in ending the trial and join the Logrise family"

The Strengths

The strengths in this Business Case would have to be the number of followers, which let us compile a strong and interesting target audience with good buyers possibilities.

The Strategy

Through what we said in the ‘The Solution’ section, we found what we knew would thrive in terms of results.

We crossed the metrics,created a strong message campaign and with the data collected we created similar audiences (the famous ‘Facebook lookalikes’) giving them space to breathe and collect more data and margin of failure (this margin of failure is a family recipe, we can’t indulge the secret).

As we said, the client closed the deal after 24 hours, and the next step was to increase the campaign to 5 euros daily and to create a parallel campaign to attract likes by making both campaigns feed on each other making one give the other more data and vice versa.

The Numbers

Despite the closed trial on the first day, we will talk about our numbers after 14 days.

Therefore, we are putting into consideration two campaigns, one for messages and the other for likes.

Messages Campaigns



Cost per click


Total Cost


Failure or Waste Margin


Unfortunately, due to the GDPR, Facebook’s messaging campaigns have undergone some changes. Despite this, it remains possible to carry them out.

Of these 2371 clicks, comments were generated, direct messages, likes on the page or traffic to the page, and if there are none of these actions there is a waste of money (€ 1.83 … our robot tries to be perfect, and it didn’t fail by much). Based on the fact that an optimal CTR is 2%, we exceeded this KPI.

Like Campaigns



Cost per like


Total Cost


Failure or Waste Margin


Well … what can we say, for 0.18 € we are finding people who are interested in our client’s products, not only enhancing a possible sale, but we are mirroring possible people of similar interest. An acceptable CTR and a totally justified total cost, a small investment for sales, sales and sales.

Throughout this Business Case, we gave proof how Amplifier helped this business to reach a new level.

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