Leverage Artificial Intelligence with Amplifier

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Through Artificial Intelligence, Amplifier will study your results and your audience, giving you suggestions for improvements to your campaigns, in order to maximize your results.

What is Amplifier?

Amplifier is a Digital Marketing software based on Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to visualize, analyze, manage and optimize all your digital campaigns through a single page. You can connect it to platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon PPC, Tik Tok Ads, Twitter Ads, and more.

As new online ad platforms appear, Amplifier will allow you to connect them to your dashboard.

You can use it to study your audiences, create new campaigns, analyze your campaign results, compare results and KPIs between different time periods, and much more.

Amplifier makes a perfect fit with various types of users.

Don’t know how to create online campaigns? Don’t have time to promote your business? We create your campaigns, you can monitor their results and talk to us through Amplifier.

Already have autonomy and create your campaigns online? Take advantage of Amplifier and manage all your campaigns through a single place.

Are you responsible for the Marketing Department? You can manage all your customers’ accounts through a single Dashboard, receive error alerts or suggestions to maximize results, and monitor KPIs in an easier way. Saves time.

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Amplifier Features

Amplifier is a software designed for scalability. The goal is that this software will grow according to the market and the needs of its users.

  1. Manage all your online campaigns through a single dashboard – integrate the platforms you use to promote your business on Amplifier and do all the management from a single place.
  2. Analysis and Reporting – Amplifier will collect and store data from your campaigns, allowing you to perform detailed analysis and make accurate decisions based on real data.
  3. Automatic segmentation – Amplifier will automatically create profiles of your customers according to your campaigns’ data.
  4. Customer retention – Based on the data collected, Amplifier will understand your audience and their habits, giving you suggestions that will allow you to increase retention rates andReturn on Investment
  5. Continuous monitoring – Follow your customer journey and see what your clients are doing on your website in real time.
  6. Interaction – Through data and segmentation, you can communicate in a personalized way with your current and potential customers and increase your sales.
  7. SEO Analysis – Analyze the quality and structure of your website, check if your pages are indexed, and find out which keywords are most relevant.
  8. E-commerce – Synchronize your product CRM with Amplifier and make your products available on various e-commerce platforms. Choose the products you want to sell on the platforms, parameterize them and catalog them.
  9. Affiliates – Manage your affiliates. Control how many products your affiliates sell and manage your commissions.
  10. Influencers – You have an area where you can register as an influencer, create a profile and send it to companies you want to collaborate with.
  11. Competitors – Amplifier identifies your main competitors and shows you what they are doing on social media.
  12. Campaign creation – Create your campaigns directly on Amplifier.
  13. Content Management – Manage your posts on social media through Amplifier.
  14. Click Sonar – Amplifier maps the IP addresses of people who interact with your ads, identifying fraudulent clicks, allowing you to block those IPs. This will result in budget savings and optimization of your application.
  15. Leads Center – Through Amplifier, you can view all contact requests and their data, resulting from your campaigns.
  16. Rules – you can set rules for your campaigns. For example “When the CPC exceeds x€, turn off the campaign”.

Advantages of using Amplifier in your company

  • Saves time – No more jumping from page to page. Now you can manage all your campaigns in one place.
  • Monitor your campaigns – Follow the progress of your campaigns and make timely and informed decisions.
  • Save money and increase your sales – In addition to being software with a competitive price, with Amplifier’s analyses, suggestions, and optimizations, your investment will be reflected in the data and in the results.
  • Audiences – Know your audiences and develop personalized communication.
  • Easy to use

How does it work?

Amplifier is User-Friendly Software – intuitive and very easy to use.

  1. Register / Login
  2. Connect your accounts to Amplifier
  3. Amplifier is ready to use! You can now manage and monitor your campaigns.

When registering or logging in to Amplifier, you must give the permissions requested by the software, so that it can access your data from different platforms. Afterwards, everything is ready, and you will be able to:

  • Access the Dashboard, where you have a compilation of the KPIs of your campaigns on various platforms.
  • Access the Campaigns tab, where you can see in more detail the results of each campaign.
  • Access the SEO tab, where you can assess the quality of your website.
  • Manage your payment method and add more platforms or features in the Payments tab.
  • Talk to us directly through the tab ? Help.
  • Enjoy!

The budget is free

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